Sovereignty and getting it back

Worldwide, people have all bit by bit over time (whichever time frame that might have been is functionally irrelevant) handed their personal sovereignty over to their leaders, rulers, governments through some misguided idea that they are somehow better able to control life’s unknown variables.  More recently and in the affluent West, we have done so out of pure laziness and overall apathy.  Look where we are now with that.

What we seem unable to grasp is the fact that we are in full control of our body sovereignty but all of our other sovereignty as well.  We *choose* to continue on this path of dystopian existence.  We can’t travel with a bottle of water along for the flight.  Water is a well-known explosive device — obviously.  But we are free to buy it at extortionate rates after passport control, so there’s that. :/  We have to surrender to physical examinations of highly dubious benefit in case our buttons or zipper happen to be metal or in case we may have forgotten nail clippers in some obscure pocket in our hand luggage.  Obviously we were going to clip our way into the cockpit and overtake the crew so that we may fly gloriously to our deaths.  Magnificent.  Why do we allow this?  It is because we lack critical thinking, and our leaders know this.  Our governments have taken our laziness and used it against us *with our full compliance*.   Please don’t comment with stuff about security and safety.  I travel a lot and always have.  We are not safer for these measures.  This action was taken to subjugate the public, to herd us all into fearful submission.  Business saw their golden opportunity to enhance their sales too.  Smaller packages for the same big prices you paid before.  Extra taxes came in too, to fund our “increased safety”.  I feel so warm and fuzzy on every flight.  It’s great.

We are no longer allowed to decide whether we take medications or not, should something particularly virulent appear.  The World Health Organization has the power to take over *any nation’s health care system on this planet* with the assistance of the local police forces or any other force to take every single person to be medicated, vaccinated, or inoculated should they see fit.

We’re all acutely aware of the excess use of force broadly by virtually all governmental bodies, which obviously include the police and military, but also agencies which track money, whether it be in crime or not.   It is currently a fashion to take homes, bank accounts, cash, and whatever other possession a person might have — including your freedom and your very life — should such a whim strike them.  It has become a scary world to live in, and all of this simply because we do not recognize the ultimate truth that *we are sovereign beings*.   Spend some time thinking about this. See the all the ramifications.  It’s definitely worthy of your time.

Imagine a world where every single person knows from their earliest childhood that they are a sovereign being, their thoughts and actions being entirely their own.  Imagine being raised in an environment where people of course discuss their thoughts and feelings but that it is always their own thing.  You are never pushed to think or feel other than you yourself think and feel about any given thing and you’re never shamed for thinking and feeling as you do.

Now think about how disenfranchised we feel when we dare to think for ourselves in this world.  We’re ostracized and ridiculed, even within our own families.  What kind of creatures are we?  Not intelligent ones, not loving ones.  Our churches profess to teach us these very qualities, and yet ….  How cheaply we all went.  Our educational institutions tell us that the higher education we receive, the more moralistic, ethical, and humane we are.  We’re more responsible with a master’s degree or a Ph.D than we are with a high school diploma, or no education at all.   The evidence shows us otherwise, but we lack critical thinking.  You don’t need an education to learn critical thinking.  You just do it.

Every time you jump into line without thinking about *why*, you are submitting needlessly to the tyranny of the state.  Why do we allow government to rule us this way?  We have no privacy, we have no freedom as a result.  The change can happen when we simply tell them we’ve had enough.  There’s no need to join a movement or create an organization.  We all just simply say “enough, you’re out, now go away” and it’s done.  Government and all of its agencies exist to make our lives easier.  This is not what they are doing!  If they aren’t doing what they’re meant to do, they need to be stripped of all power to act in our name.  They must be disbanded.  These sorts of people who would do us this great harm should not ever have such opportunity again.  This means that we have to really internalize the fact that it is our apathy that has given them the means to do this.  It ends once we are fully cognizant of this fact and take the power back to ourselves.

I welcome discussion on this, no matter when you find this post.  Please don’t hesitate to contribute.

And now to get started in earnest

It’s been almost a year now since I posted my one, lonely entry here, but now it’s time to get down to business. I’ve had so many messages telling me so, even prior to this. Maybe what I have to say needs to see the light of day now.

I will improve my About page as well. I’m not trying to hide but this blog really isn’t about me personally, so telling readers about myself is, in my opinion, rather pointless. However, in order to better understand why I am compelled to write, it might be beneficial to know something about me. That will happen soon.

A small confession now:  I’m not into blogs or blogging.  I don’t really read blogs too much nor have I been fascinated with this trend, though it’s obviously been a thing for years and years already.  It just never really caught my interested in any way.   You will notice this in the way I have none of the style or flash of other bloggers.   It may develop over time or it may not.  The entries will be about content.  I’m not trying to earn a living or to increase my self-esteem.  I’m not a narcissist nor am I particularly introverted.  I just have some things that need saying to the world, and you’re part of the world so you may just happen upon this blog.  You might even like it.  You might follow it.  You might forget about it before you’ve finished reading the entry you came in on.  You might blast me out of the water for my unorthodox thinking.  But that’s all about you, isn’t it?  And that is precisely where it should be.  Remember that this isn’t about me.  It’s all about you.

So, in earnest I will update this blog and try to make up for lost time.  It is something of the eleventh hour, but I’m rather vague about time and timing.  I have little interest in playing the game humanity has going, and that includes pretending that time is linear.  It’s as linear as the Earth is flat.  At this point you could sit and ponder for a while just how your life would become instantaneously easier without clocks.  Imagine being able to come and go as the whim takes you.  Think about being able to sleep whenever you like, for as long as you like, and wake up then only when you’re ready to do so.  Think about that.  That’s one little part of what’s coming once the aforementioned game humanity has going winds down some more.  I guess this blog is really about that, and to hopefully compel and inspire you to think about how we can and should do things a lot better — starting now.  There’s no reason to wait, and I will show you why.  Did I mention that this is eleventh hour stuff?  It really is.  The non-existent clock is ticking.  Let’s get started.

Personal responsibility

No matter what we think, feel, do, buy, sell, espouse, deny, create, or destroy, we must take personal responsibility for those things and their ramifications. This is why it is of paramount importance to be sure your thoughts, values, opinions, and actions are at all times your own. Too easily we think it’s okay to do something we don’t really like doing because “it’s my job” or “it’s business” or any other excuse for going against our preferred and natural inclination. Does this make it okay? Well, in order to answer that you will have to honestly answer some questions first: How do you sleep at night? How is your digestion? How is your overall health in any and all aspects? How are your relationships? Any imbalance there will indicate that things may not be as great and manageable as you would like to believe. We tell ourselves that that’s the nature of life and living. But it’s not. We allow it to be that way. We have a choice. There are as many options as there are people to think of them, and there’s no reason to think we should all live the same way sharing the same values at the same time of life. So why do we subscribe to this brand of living? It’s neither easier nor healthier. Ask yourself why you do it. What can possibly motivate us to live lives that others prescribe for us? How can we learn and grow if we live according to some dry formula?

Our bodies reflect the condition of our soul. The physical body is quite literally an energetic manifestation or expression of that.

When you truly begin taking responsibility – personal responsibility for each and every thought and deed, there is both a greater sense of gravity but equally a tremendous lightness that suffuses and permeates every layer of existence. Small things have more depth and breadth. Big things seem less so, but equally more so. There is balance where previously had been upset and confusion.

Things to remember that make life easier



Everything is true.
Be with everything.
Breathe deeply.
Clarity and peace are understanding and awareness.
Listen to the voice.
The heart opens to the center.
Meditate consciously.
Consume  only when and what you must.
Love bravely and generously.


These are only some of the things I’ve been been expressly told in meditation and in dreams.  When I get one of these messages, I don’t question it anymore.  I seek out places to apply it so that its elegance can be fully realized.  For example, Everything is true is true.  When you decide something is not true, you have judged without sufficient information about that thing.  All things are true.  You can decide that “on this particular occasion, this is not true”, but that doesn’t make the thing untrue nor does your decision to view it as untrue make it so.  That is your perspective, and your perspective is your own.  Be sure to give others the freedom to see their truth as well and respect their choices.  Any right or freedom you allot to yourself must be extended to all others equally as well.  

Be with everything really means to have some sort of interaction and experience with everything around you.  By practicing this with persistence and awareness, you will find whole new worlds while doing the most mundane task.  Nothing is boring in and of itself.  Boredom is a mindset.  That changes immediately with your change of perspective – and changing your perspective happens instantaneously with the decision to do so.  You are in control of your perceptions.  No one else holds those reins.

Breathe deeply in every way.  Breathe in life.  Breathe in the love around you.  Breathe it out to the world.  Love all of it.  In that love you will find great peace and understanding.  Your world will become richer and bigger for it.  Your physical body breathes with the lungs but your spiritual, emotional body breathes with the heart.  Breathe deeply.

Clarity and peace are understanding and awareness in every aspect of life.   You will only ever have peace and clarity when you walk through your day from a perspective of understanding and awareness.  This is not to say that difficulties won’t befall you.  They will, and they too require the same understanding and awareness.  But that understanding and awareness will allow you to experience the thing with clarity and peace, simply because you will have greater insight into the forces that caused that event to happen.  Everything happens for a reason.  You understand the reasons better when your perspective is broader, and the breadth happens when you experience the world as flows of energy rather than the events we perceive them to be. 

When you have that breadth of vision that comes with wider perspective, you will hear the voice more clearly: Listen to the voice.  The voice will never steer you wrong.  It takes some practice, but this is very much tied up with the fact that The heart opens to the center. You are there with all your universal truth at your center, but in our world we’ve all been trained not to hear the voice so we’ve also blocked our heart entirely.  Open your heart.  Let the voice speak.  Listen to the voice.

No matter what you’re doing, you can meditate while doing it.  It is perfectly safe and very healthy.  Your mind is in a relaxed state and your body will follow that over time.  At first it is good to allow your mind to wander freely when you start meditating.  This allows you to experience freedom, probably for the first time in your life.  Every journey is yours alone.  The things you can discover are astounding.  Be gentle with yourself and accept whatever you find.  It’s all good.

We currently live in very wasteful and gluttonous times.   There is no requirement for us to behave this way.  Our real freedom starts when we have nothing.  In that nothingness is everything.  Knowledge has room to grow roots when there is space and peace for it to germinate.  That happens in an open heart.  Consume only when and what you must so that there is always room for new and more.  Let go of things that are no longer relevant.  This is true of all things.  Enough is as good as a feast.

In experiencing life in full and complete openness, you find the ability to Love bravely and generously simply because of the lightness and freedom of being.  Things that used to bother you no longer do.  Instead you relish all the variety and color in the world.  This doesn’t come easily to us anymore.  Our hearts must be opened fully to experience the full effects of pure love and then those effects reverberate throughout time and space.  The more you love, the more is love.